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Award winning. Rotating Makeup Brush.

Best Sellers

The Most Advanced
Beauty Tool

Better Coverage
Evenly covers blemishes, pores
and fine lines.

All Types of Makeup
Use less of your favorite liquid, crème
or powder makeup.

Less Time
360 spin delivers fast
airbrushed results from home.

Antimicrobial Brushes
Antimicrobial interchangeable
brushes offer clean, all-in-one beauty.

The Original Rotating Makeup Brush

Rethink beauty with the most advanced blending tool that does what you want … delivers fast, effortless and even makeup coverage regardless of your skills.

Our patented interchangeable brushes mimic the wrist motion of the pro’s so that you can get natural, flawless makeup results from home.

blendSMART is a revolution in makeup application.

Flawless Makeup In Minutes

It’s the only makeup brush you’ll ever need. With just 1 motorized handle, choose any of our interchangeable
heads for applying foundation, blush, bronzers, highlighter, contour and even sunscreen.

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