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Skin SMART 2 NUDE Brush Heads


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The NEW bendSMART2 for skincare UNLEASHES the best results from your expensive skincare products with a waste-free, finger-free application. Improve moisture penetration and finally apply facial masks quickly, evenly and cleanly with our patent-pending concave brush applicator. Apply a light touch to your brush applicator and let the fibers smoothly and efficiently distribute product.

An irreproachable finish and above all avant-garde technology, the new blendSMART2 is an accessory to be adopted. VOGUE.FR


Improve your skin’s glow and volume by maximizing product and moisture penetration.
Patent-pending concave brush fibers hold skincare products better and promotes softer, healthier skin.
190 RPM rotating technology activates the skin and applies skincare and makeup products.

“2-Head Set  Includes:
Spectra Brush – for masks, sunscreen, moisturizers, primers,3) Long lasting lithium battery – cord-free design
Essence Brush- for oils, serums and bb cream

Mix and Match with any blendSMART original applicator.