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blendSMART2 Skincare Brush Head


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This premium synthetic brush head magnetically attaches to all blendSMART2 rotating makeup applicators.

Spinning at 190 RPM, its gentle rotating motion effortlessly blends and buffs your favorite skincare products for better absorption and efficiency.  Apply a soft touch and let the fibers stimulate and massage product into your skin for your most hygienic and waste-free application.

The skincare head is antimicrobial, cruelty-free and designed for the most sensitive skin and cleans easily with brush cleaners or mild soaps.

Less makeup. Less time. Better
Results. So smart.


Attach your brush head for foundation, blush and more.


For liquid makeup, apply 1 dot to each part of your face.

For powder makeup, dab the brush head directly into your makeup.


Slowly glide across your face side-to-side and up and down while applying light pressure until your makeup is blended as desired.

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