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blendSMART Cleansing Mat



Our multi-texture blendSMART Brush Cleansing Mat gently releases dirt, oils and buildup left behind by makeup products. Featuring both small and large ridges, our mat is designed to clean your entire brush collection. Plus, the back comes with strong sink suction cups for easy cleaning.

Use at least once weekly as part of your makeup brush cleansing routine to help extend the life of your brushes and for flawless makeup application every time.


Apply to the base of your sink. Pour a pea-sized amount of liquid soap or brush cleanser into the center of the mat. Removing your brush heads from the motorized handle and wet your brush with warm water. Swirl your brush in a circular motion over the silicone ridges to activate the soap and create a lather.

Periodically rinse off your brush, apply more soap and continue swirling until the soap lather runs clear.

Rinse out brush completely, then gently reshape the bristles before laying your makeup brush on its side to air dry.