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blendSMART2 Skin SMART Applicator + Foundation Brush



The NEW bendSMART2 for skincare UNLEASHES the best results from your expensive skincare products with a waste-free, finger-free application. Improve moisture penetration and finally apply facial masks quickly, evenly and cleanly with our patent-pending concave brush applicator. Apply a light touch to your brush applicator and let the fibers smoothly and efficiently distribute product.

An irreproachable finish and above all avant-garde technology, the new blendSMART2 is an accessory to be adopted. VOGUE.FR

Less makeup. Less time. Better
Results. So smart.


Attach your brush head for foundation, blush and more.


For liquid makeup, apply 1 dot to each part of your face.

For powder makeup, dab the brush head directly into your makeup.


Slowly glide across your face side-to-side and up and down while applying light pressure until your makeup is blended as desired.

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