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blendSMART2 Starter Set w/ foundation brush head


  • Get flawless makeup in minutes with a rotating brush that effortlessly blends for you.
  • Use less makeup to achieve your most even, natural coverage. Works with liquid, creme or powder makeup.
  • Eliminates makeup mistakes and reduces the appearance of fine lines and large pores.
  • Synthetic, antimicrobial brush heads are designed for sensitive skin and are cruelty-free.

Includes: Powered Handle, Universal Foundation Head, Long-lasting lithium battery




Less makeup. Less time. Better
Results. So smart.


Attach your brush head for foundation, blush and more.


For liquid makeup, apply 1 dot to each part of your face.

For powder makeup, dab the brush head directly into your makeup.


Slowly glide across your face side-to-side and up and down while applying light pressure until your makeup is blended as desired.

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