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blendSMART2 All Day Glow 4-Piece Set



This All-In-One set includes:

  • blendSMART2 Motorized Handle
  • 3- Heads (Universal, Pro-blending/Full Coverage and Powder Heads)
  • Rose Gold Travel Case
  • Long-Lasting Lithium Battery – cord-free travel
  • 30- Day Love/It Return It Guarantee
  • Free Shipping

Get flawless makeup results in minutes with “no skills” needed rotating technology. The interchangeable heads gently and evenly sweep less makeup for flawless, effortless makeup application. Designed to use with liquid, powder and crème formulations.

Finally, a superior solution compared to traditional brushes, fingers and sponges. This motorized handle is compatible with all blendSMART2 magnetic brush heads.

Less makeup. Less time. Better
Results. So smart.


Attach your brush head for foundation, blush and more.


For liquid makeup, apply 1 dot to each part of your face.

For powder makeup, dab the brush head directly into your makeup.


Slowly glide across your face side-to-side and up and down while applying light pressure until your makeup is blended as desired.

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