blendSMART, rotating makeup brush

The original blendSMART launched in early 2015 on QVC  under a collaboration with the Doll10 Beauty brand. In the spring of 2017,  the blendSMART2 was designed with the same ingenious technology but offers a soft-touch on/off switch and brush heads that feature a new, magnetic drop-in connection, for a smoother, effortless experience. As before, all interchangeable brush heads are made with premium synthetic fibers and are anti-microbial and cruelty-free. Best of all, all brush heads are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and reach all areas of the face and neck for a consistent makeup application. The blendSMART is antibacterial and the blendSMART2 offers antimicrobial protection. Finally, a tool that makes the blending experience cleaner, easier and better compared to traditional brushes, sponges and of course, fingers. Now that’s SMART.

Please note that the blendSMART2 handle is not compatible with non-magnetic brush heads sold under the original blendSMART brand.

Both blendSMART & blendSMART2 offer a fabulously, flawless finish every time and offer a 1 yr. warranty on the handle. We are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction.