With validated intellectual property, blendSMART is excited to expand the spinning revolution. However, with innovation comes imitation and customers must be aware that brands that do not reveal web addresses, contact information and warranties should be cautious when making a purchase. blendSMART stands behind our product, warranties and customer service. We believe that good things are rarely cheap and cheap things are rarely good – blendSMART has invested in our brand and product to ensure the best results for our customers.

Steve Machiorlette, CEO of Worth Beauty explains, “We have invested heavily in our intellectual property worldwide and are thrilled that the US and EU Patent Offices have determined that blendSMART is mechanically and visually unique. blendSMART hopes to empower women’s beauty routines by offering a more consistent makeup experience through rotating innovation. Today’s beauty seekers want easy, quick and affordable results without consulting professionals. ”

Worth Beauty, LLC is the legal rights owner of the following intellectual property:

US Patent No. 9,462,871 B2

US Patent No. D782,202 S

US Trademark Registration No. 4,842,589 (“blendSMART”)

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 5,256,062 (“blendSMART”)

Trademark registrations for  the EU, Russia, Japan, China, S. Korea, Monaco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and New Zealand.  Additional trademarks pending worldwide.